Through the Darkness


Libana is proud to announce the release of  

Through the Darkness

Songs for the Winter Solstice and beyond . . . 

A reflective musical journey embracing the wisdom found in the long dark nights of winter and invoking the assurance of the light’s return 

Guest artist Margot Chamberlain , Celtic Harp

"Winter Road at Dusk" woodcut cover art: Jeanne Amato



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“A really beautiful album both haunting and loving. . . “

                                                                    “The notes fall like velvet.                                                                   A perfect companion for long, dark winter months of solitude and inner reflection. “

            “Very comforting to listen to - the music holds and nurtures and reminds us.              Thanks Libana, for giving this light to the world.”


The singing of rounds and chant is mantra meditation in musical form. Ancient and global in practice, it has been an integral aspect of Libana’s communal creative life throughout the last four decades. Through the DarknessLibana’s tenth recording, honors the cycles of our beloved planet Earth by embracing the deep wisdom of the dark. In the Northern hemisphere, the winter solstice is a powerful point of turning, when the longest night comes and the light slowly begins to return. Across the ages, cultures have created ritual, song, dance and story to honor the deepest dark and to invoke the return of the light. 

At this unprecedented and precipitous time in our world-- and for the Earth Herself-- there is so much to be learned by attuning to Her cycles and seasons. The stillness of winter is a vision time, during which we can rest, listen to our inner guidance, and dream the world we want to live in.  May these songs bring solace and comfort, healing and hope, peace and inspiration-- and gentle encouragement to remember to walk with light through all the times ahead.