Fire Within

by Libana

Released 1990
Released 1990
A richly eclectic collection of 18 rounds, chants and songs united by a reverence and respect for our Earth's sensual beauty and elemental power, and an inner conviction and determined vision toward individual and planetary peace.
Libana, New England's international touring world music ensemble, formed in 1979 by Artistic Director, Susan Robbins, has been researching, performing, and celebrating songs, dances and instrumental music from around the world, especially as handed down through women's traditions.

In addition to their deft renderings of World folk music, Libana has garnered renown throughout the New Age and spiritual audiences for their contemplative offerings of rounds and chants.

Performing Members of Libana on Fire Within:

Cheryl Weber, Janet Penn, Linda Ugelow, Susan Robbins, Anne Slepian, Jane Goodman, Karen Dietz, Lisa Bosley, Judy Kaye, Charlotte Miller, and Marytha Paffrath.

About Fire Within:

"Although the music for Fire Within originates in many different cultures and spans seven centuries, we feel that uniting it is an interconnnection of universal themes, feelings and musical atmospheres. Two-thirds of these songs are rounds. Minimalist by nature, rounds create an exquisite circular motion for both the singers and the listener. Their repetitive, mantra-like phrasing facilitates a deeper, inner experinece of emotion or allows a potent affirmation of a belief or image to occur. Singing rounds is also an inherently communal activity with each part holding equal importance within the whole." Susan Robbins, Artistic Director for Libana, June, 1990

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