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by Libana

Released 1990
Released 1990
A lively collection of world folk music that reveals the day to day experiences of women from Algeria, Bulgaria, Israel, Greece, Bolivia, Transylvania and Yugoslav Macedonia.
Libana, New England's international touring world music ensemble, formed in 1979 by Artistic Director, Susan Robbins, has been researching, performing, and celebrating songs, dances and instrumental music from around the world, especially as handed down through women's traditions.

In addition to ther deft renderings of World folk music, Libana has garnered renown throughout the New Age and spiritual audiences for their contemplative offerings of rounds and chants.

Performing Members of Libana recorded on Sojourns:

Lisa Bosley, Beth Cohen, Karen Dietz, Jane Goodman, Judy Kaye, Charlotte Miller, Marytha Paffrath, Janet Penn, Susan Robbins, Anne Slepian, Karen Thomas, Linda Ugelow and Cheryl Weber.


"Our music and our creative process offer us glimpses into communities of women around the world whose lives are distinctly different from our own. By learning other women's musical expressions, we begin to open ourselves to experiencing our lives within a larger global context. The daily realities of women from all corners of the Earth are uniquely shaped by environment, religion, political climate, legal status, racial and class situation, sexual politics, and cultural traditions. However, when we hear the voices of women around the world singing as they work together, dance together, and celebrate together, we feel an inherent, essential connection with other women on this planet. In playing the music of the women of the world, we take a step, from our hearts, toward a deeper knowledge of the spirit that the many diverse peoples bring to living on our shared Earth." Susan Robbins, Artistic Director for Libana