Instrument of Peace

A meditative offering of chants and rounds, inspired by diverse spiritual paths, reflecting the universal desire for openhearted peace.  

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1. Ilu Finu                  Linda Hirschhorn 2:36

2. Instrument of Peace   Source Unknown 3:43

3. Shanti                    Skye Sanford 5:31

4. Tara Mantra Chant    Nhyoo Bajracharya 4:57

5. Peace Prayer Mandala     Sophia (additional lines by Ruthie Rosauer) 3:49

6. The Night Is Over      Jacqueline Schrader 2:39


Instrument of Peace is a 23 minute journey through sacred space. Representing diverse spiritual traditions, and using the calming influence of song, mantra-like text and chant, these songs remind us of the peace that is available to us anywhere, anytime. After decades of performing across North America, and touring internationally to Bulgaria, Greece, North India, and now Morocco, Libana offers these deep and beautiful songs to our listeners everywhere with hope in our hearts that the seeds of peace are sown daily by us all. 

Through our exploration of music and dance of cultures around the world, the diverse spiritual traditions practiced across the globe have been revealed to us, witnessed, experienced and interwoven into our journey as a longterm creative community. Libana has released 7 other CDs. Sojourns, Borderland and Out of This World are collections of songs reflecting the tapestry of vocal and instrumental colors heard on the planet, and the universal themes women sing about everywhere. Our earlier and well loved rounds and chants recordings (the trilogy of A Circle Is Cast, Fire Within, and Night Passage) are collections of more meditative and cyclical songs of peace, life cycle, earth reverence, celebration, and pan-spiritual intent that have accompanied thousands of international listeners on their spiritual paths and healing journeys. This trilogy has also inspired the repertoire of song circles, choruses, and music classrooms literally around the world. Turning: Songs of Earth Reverence and Peace integrates both of these aspects of Libana’s artistry. 


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